Thursday, September 23, 2004

They've all been slain

Just saw a Nutri-grain commercial where "Larry" is sitting in his car and he's a little hungry. Soon all of the restaruant signs, which are all shaped like iconic characters, come to life and begin talking to Larry. Pigs, Doughnuts, a classic fry pan/chef mutant and a hash slingin' chuckwagon cowboy all try to convince Larry to endulge in thier carbohydrate loaded gindin'. Needless to say our hero Larry wields the power of his Nutri-grain bar to ward off their fatty advances. Dreck product and odd story line aside, you'd be hard pressed to find that many unique signs in one location, let alone one city! The backlit plexiglass block now rules the sign posts of most cities. Black vinyl Helvetica lettering screams the unique features of each store in the strip malls today. At least we have inflatable snowmen and dancing palm trees to spice things up here and there.


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