Friday, September 24, 2004

Wish I had that job

Honorable Senator Mark Dayton decided yesterday that he didn't want to listen to the Iraqi people thank the US for liberating them from a tyrannical leader. Taking a lesson from leftist-in-chief John Francois Kerry, Sen Dayton skipped out on the event.

I wish I had a job like that. If you don't agree with your boss, skip the meetings. Don't show for work.
If any of us decided to ditch work because we didn't like what the boss was saying, how long do you think we'd remain employed?

I want my representative to represent me and my state, not his own personal agenda. Even if Minnesotas interests are contrary to the event, fill the chair! That's what we pay you for.

At least we had Sen. Coleman there to accept the thank you from the Iraqi people, on behalf of all of our fellow Minnesotans who have bravely given their lives and limbs for the freedom of the Iraqi people and the security of the American people.

I'm going to start an award for Minnesota politicians who fail to earn thier taxpayer funded paychecks.
In the juvenile tradition of disapproval -

A big flaming brown paper sack of dog poop for you Sen. Dayton!

Another term for you Sen. Coleman.


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