Friday, October 01, 2004

Debates? Debates? We don't need no stinkin' debates.

What I got from the debate last night.
Our foreign policy needs to "pass the global test".  Whatever the hell that means.  I missed that part of the Constitution.
I like how Kerry said we need to put together a summit meeting on Iraq and get the world involved.  Whereas in North Korea, where we have had summit meetings, we should have bilateral talks.  Huh?
Quote of the night goes to Al (fat idiot) Franken on the Tonight Show: He said the reason Bush wanted podiums and no roaming the stage was because he pee'd himself part way through the debate.  What an idiot.
All the MSM pundits agree, Kerry won the debate last night 56% to 38% with about 10% still undecided.  They had these results about 5 minutes after the debate ended with graphics and everything.  Hmmm.
If anything, I think the debate was a draw.  Kerry looked like he'd been doing the broadway production of the debate for weeks already.  He appeared comfortable, and stuck to the mantra: "If you can't facinate them with facts, baffle them with bullshit."  He looked good, but how many people LISTENED to what he was saying?  He kept repeating that we need to get the world involved and make them like us again, but he'd never sell out the US to foreign countries.   He never says HOW.  All he says is he'll do the same things President Bush is, only DIFFERENT & BETTER.  Bush had the Meat and Potatoes, Kerry brought the plates and silverware.
My 7 year old son  turned to me part way through and said, "I don't understand anything that guy on the left is saying." 
Out of the mouths of babes...
Maybe I'll assign that quote of the night instead.  Al (flip-flop lover) Franken doesn't deserve the distinction.
As a matter of fact, since Al (fat head) Franken is a Minnesotan, I'm going to officially award him the 2nd, FLATLANER big flaming brown paper sack of dog poop award. 


  • I thought the Al Franken comment was funny as hell, don't take him too seriously after all he is the first person to call himself an "entertainer" and not a "news source". For that reason alone he deserves some credit. Republicans wish they had a person as funny as Al. I'm proud he's a Minnesota son.

    As far as the debates go, I'm glad I'm not an undecided voter. Both Bush and Kerry... Well I couldn't get over the size of his head - Everytime I look at him he reminds of the Doctor from the movie "Re-animator"... You remember... the one that got his head chopped off.

    Keep up the good work flatlander.

    By Blogger Hue B. Mooksuki, at October 1, 2004 at 9:41 AM  

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