Monday, October 18, 2004

Hannity in Fargo

I forgot the camera so I stole the picture from the Fargo Forum.
Sean Hannity appeared at the Fargo Air Museum on Saturday, drawing a crowd of about 1,200-1,300 people to listen to him and for the opportunity to have a copy of Deliver Us From Evil signed by the author (yes I got one).
"It would be the equivalent of removing Winston Churchill before World War II ended" If Americans don't re-elect President George W. Bush Hannity said.
"President Bush has a sense of right and wrong and decency and moral clarity," he said. "He has what it takes to preserve, protect and defend the greatest country in the world."
Sean left no liberal stone unturned, Daschle, Carville, Clinton(s), Kerry and Ted *hic* Kennedy were all attacked (rightly so) for their left wing tactics.  Audience participation was also encouraged as one memeber of the crowd came forward to do a very good Howard Dean screech.
At one point Hannity asked for the liberal in the crowd to come forward, when he did Hannity asked him to name one specific thing Kerry had accomplished in his years of service in the Senate. Of course he couldn't, underlining the fact that  Kerry is a poor choice for president.
He pointed to Kerry's record on military spending, Iraq and increasing taxes as other reasons.
Many Kerry supporters say they're voting for Kerry only because they're AGAINST Bush. Is this the best qualification they can find in John Kerry, that he's not Bush?
The highlight of the day came when 9-year-old Miranda stole the show by singing her rendition of "I Love My Country" bringing many of those gathered for the event to their feet and some to tears.
My highlight of the day was meeting the two Vietnam Veterans who flanked me on my left and right.  I felt really small standing between these two men and under the landing gear of the fully restored Grumman TBF Avenger.  As they swapped stories, I broke in and told them that while they were risking all in a foreign land 33 years ago, I was filling my Pampers.  I offered both a sincere Thank You for all they did to help keep me free and giving me the right to attend such functions as this one.
As a matter of fact, for all you Veterans reading this, from a humble 34 year old, THANK YOU.
All in all it was great to see there are some level headed North Dakotans in a community with 3 Universities.  As the self appointed guardian of the Minnesota northern front, I may have to let down my guard to the impending Dakotan invasion.  We could use some of that good old down home common sense to infiltrate the Twin Cities. 
Imagine 500,000 North Dakotans invading the liberal bastion of Minneapolis/St. Paul from the north.  Push them back to the coasts where they belong!


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