Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Help us all, every one.

e-mail response from $enator Marshall-Fields regarding the pro FairTax e-mail I sent:

Thank you for contacting me about creating a flat tax and eliminating the current United States tax code.

The idea of a flat tax program may seem to simplify the current system, but abolishing our current program would not be the answer. Currently, our progressive income tax system requires taxation proportionate to the income that an individual makes. A wage-based flat tax would provide a tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, because the majority of their assets are not earned income. Under the same system, a taxpayer earning less than $27,000 would see his or her top tax rate increase by at least 2% under the current proposal. With a flat tax, not only would there be difficult transitional issues, but the burden of paying taxes would shift to the middle- and lower income citizens, and the poor.

My best regards.


Mark Dayton
United States Senator


My Reply:

Senator Dayton,

My e-mail did not concern a "flat tax", but the Fair Tax, which is a progressive national sales tax. You may want to read up on HR25 which was co-authored by Minnesota Representative Colin Peterson (D).

No matter which way you slice it the current tax code and the bloated bureaucracy of the IRS need to be scrapped since they reward failure and punish success. The current tax code acts as a wealth redistribution system in this country and is complex, unfair and immoral.

I will keep your views in mind on November 2, 2006.

Thank you.


I think I feel a case of Hyper-Cerebral Blogosis coming on...


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