Thursday, October 07, 2004

House Budget Panel hears info on FairTax


FairTax finally moves in the right direction!  It's exciting to see the momentum gather on the most drastic tax reform plan since the creation of the income tax.
From the FairTax e-mail alert:
Good afternoon!


For those of you had the opportunity to watch yesterdays panel which discussed the FairTax, it was certainly an eye opener.  Especially if you have never seen those kind of hearings.  The last hearings were nothing like this.  It was hard to get folks to take us seriously. We have come along way and that is THANKS to you!! 


Congressman Linder is very pleased with how they turned out.  He gathered valuable data on how the concerns would evolve as we grow even more in momentum. We can now directly address some of the concerns with the specific opponents.


It appears we still have a lack of education on our issue amongst some of the members.  All of Congress is recessing on Friday. Take this opportunity to call the district offices and get a meeting set up. If you need the district office phone numbers - call Denise or Heather  at 1-800-FAIRTAX #118 or #140.  We will be pleased to get them for you. And packets of information to give to their offices personally.


A few of you had questions about why we had no experts other than Linder and the answer is simple. The original intent of the "hearing" was just high ended statistical data/ information on reform for congressional members but it turned into something else as the "hearings" went on. 


Good info --- Excerpts From today's Tax Notes - read by many thousands of policy people, economists and DC staff:


"An October 6 House Budget Committee hearing gave several GOP lawmakers a public forum to vet their tax reform proposals, but a national sales tax bill (H.R. 25) sponsored by Rep. John Linder, R- Ga., is looking increasingly like the Republican favorite."


3 plans were actually discussed.  Linder  made the pitch for the FairTax, Rep. Michael C. Burgess, R-Texas, lobbied for his flat-tax proposal (H.R. 1783), and House Ways and Means Committee member Phil English, R-Pa., pushed for a hybrid of the two (H.R. 269).


Another quote from the Tax Notes: ""It's become clear in recent months that the Linder bill has more momentum than any other proposal," a GOP leadership aide told Tax Analysts. ... Democrats appeared to have no doubt which proposal Republicans would eventually back, using both of their witnesses and most of their questioning to hack at Linder's bill. " They also said "The parties sparred over the potential effects of Linder's bill, but Democrats declined to offer their own reform proposal. "I think that speaks for itself," said House Budget Committee Chair Jim Nussle, R-Iowa, also a Ways and Means member.


So, all in all, it was very successful. We are now recognized as the leading tax reform proposal in the country.


Given that, expect the attacks to accelerate and be accordingly prepared. Hopefully, after the election some of the partisanship will die down.  


Study the plan - go to www.fairtax.org and read the research. Hook up with your local volunteers and lets take this to the finish line.


Thanks for all that you do - looks like there is lots more fun ahead of us. If you have not contributed lately - funds are needed to manage more research projects and get ahead in the media game.  Please go to www.fairtax.org to contribute.


With great appreciation,


Genie Hayes

AFFT Communications Director


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