Monday, October 04, 2004

Kerry's 'U.S. Allies' Myth

From Hal Lindsey:

Will it be France and Germany? These two countries had sweetheart illegal deals with Saddam Hussein under the cloak of the ‘Oil for Food Program.’ They also sold Saddam Hussein military weapons and technology right up until the time our troops invaded—knowing full well that they would be used against us.

We have also discovered that at this moment, Germany is selling hardware and technology to Iran that can be adapted to help them quickly advance in the their quest for nuclear ballistic missiles. U.S. official for arms control, John Bolton “sharply criticized Germany for trading with Iran, which Washington suspects of covertly developing nuclear weapons.”

Or per chance Kerry is counting upon the U.N. to become stalwart allies of the U.S. Maybe for the first time in it’s history the U.N. will actually help us in our fight to enforce U.N. resolutions and to dethrone villainous dictators.

Kerry appears to place boundless hope upon the intervention of the U.N. in our cause. But he should remember that it was the Kofi-Anan-led-U.N. that allowed illegal deals with Saddam Hussein under the “Oil for Food Program.”

In fact, Kofi Anan’s son allegedly made millions of dollars administering this program, which enriched Saddam, helped him circumvent the effects of U.N. sanctions and never helped the average Iraqi.

In fact, this is the main reason these ‘would-be-Kerry-allies’ did not want to invade Iraq in the first place. They did not want to loose the money, nor have it revealed what they had done.

Well, lets see now – maybe Mr. Kerry is counting on China to come to our aide. Intelligence is now documenting that China is one of the worst offenders in supplying hardware and technology to aide rogue nations in developing nuclear weapons. We have evidence that they did help Libya and now Iran.

Or maybe Kerry is referring to Pakistan. President Pervez Musharraf is already helping us to the extent that he can. He has nearly been assassinated for his help to us several times. And the father of the Pakistani nuclear weapons, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, is one of the worst offenders in passing on nuclear technology to Muslim nations – including Iran.

The Christian Science Monitor reported, “Khan confessed to sharing nuclear technology with Iran, Libya, and North Korea in a 12-page document presented to President Pervez Musharraf, according to a briefing given by government officials to Pakistani media in Islamabad.”

As for Jordan, Egypt, et al. No Muslim country would ever join us in a coalition to bring in Democracy to another Muslim nation. That threatens all Muslim regimes because none of them are democracies. Islam sees Democracy as a threat to the Islamic faith, which has an entirely contrary concept of government that is based on the Koran.

Mr Kerry cannot expect much help from Russia. They have their hands full trying to deal with Chechnya. Besides, they furnished most of the Muslim world with the weapons we now face. And Russia is the backbone of the nuclear program in Iran. They sold Iran almost anything they wanted to get the hard currency they desperately needed.

So who of any consequence is left? The rest of the nations in the EU are not going to be of any help, even if they were willing.

President George W. Bush put together the best coalition possible, given the current world attitude. The United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Italy and Australia joined in with us in a brave gesture of support.

But since Mr Kerry has called them, “The coalition of the coerced and the bribed, he is not likely to get very enthusiastic support from them. Nor will he be able to get much support from the courageous interim Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi, whom he branded as “a puppet of the Bush administration.”

I pray that Americans wake up and stop buying into style and sound bites without critically analyzing whether the things being promised are true, much less possible.

Mr Kerry is promising to do things that buy into the hopes of Americans to get things done the easy way without sacrifice. He even contradicted himself several times within the debate, but because he was promising what people want to hear – most didn’t even notice.

Leadership that shifts with the winds of what is popular to promise at the moment will not stand up under the rigors of dangerous realities that require steadfastness and courage when the going gets tough.

May God save America.



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