Thursday, October 14, 2004

Lileks for Senate 06

I wish I knew when to quit sometimes...
Some of the public input I have received at lileksforsenate.com on the concept of Lileks running for US Senate:
From Carl: "He is way too smart to join the “black hole” called the Senate.  Too many good ideas enter the hallowed halls if this debating chamber and simply disappear, vanish, poof, like a vapor, like the spring grass that withers and is seen no more.  Would you really want to subject Lileks to that?  Besides there’s the Gnat factor.  He may like Minnesotans but he loves Gnat and you will never separate the two.  Bravo to him for it."
From Fredrick: "Brilliant idea."
From Jack: "I can offer my guest house in downtown Phoenix as the Lileks Western White House."

From Guy: "I support the Draft Lileks action.  And please tell that blowhard Garrison Keillor to shut up."
From Jorge: "If he does not want to run in Minnesota perhaps we could have him in Mexico?"
From Phil: "Put me down for $500 to his official campaign committee when he announces."
From Daniel: "Having the Gnat running up and down the corridors of power could only improve things."

From Alex: "
Tell him to please consider it seriously.  We need people like him in Congress. I live in Florida... maybe I could arrange a few chads to dimple his way."

From Emily: "I think he would be an excellent representative of my beliefs.  I am a graduate student at the University of Minnesota, so I can't contribute finacially, but I can offer my time to help."
From Cliff: "...but you can't try to take him away from Gnat and wife and the Bleat and the matchcover collecting and the rest without his ENTHUSIASTIC consent..."
From Brad: "James.................... do it for Gnat !!!"
From Diana: "Keep working this, please.  Americans need him."
From Bee: "He may be doing more good where he is."


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