Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Fix it with The FairTax

Just as Congressmen Linder and Peterson said... our Tax System's Broken. We Need To Fix It! That's precisely what the FairTax plan will do. We believe that it is absolutely the BEST way to bring about meaningful, r-e-a-l tax reform.
We believe, too, that after you've given the FairTax plan careful study, you will also come to see that it's the BEST way to fix our broken tax system.
The National Retail Sales Tax: FAIRNESS & FREEDOM for all!
OK, let's review: The FairTax Will:
• Repeal the federal income tax.
• Repeal all payroll taxes including taxes on Social Security and Medicare.
• Protect and ensure the funding of Social Security and Medicare.
• Repeal corporate and self-employment taxes.
• Repeal all estate, gift, and capital gains taxes.
• Taxation of income will be unconstitutional upon repeal of the 16th amendment.
• Allow you to keep 100% of your paycheck, pension, and social security payment. View your Paycheck! under the FairTax plan.
• Bring about a reduction of the cost of new goods and services by 20% to 30%.
• Raise the same amount of money for the federal government, i.e. "revenue neutral."
• Eliminate the Internal Revenue Service. - No more taxpayer time wasted on filling out cumbersome IRS forms. - No more IRS audits of individual taxpayers, no more IRS intimidation, no more levies, liens or home seizures by the IRS.
• Substantially reduce tax rates for lower and middle-income Americans. - Income Tax vs FairTax: MONEY AHEAD!
• Allow families to save more for Home Ownership, Education and Retirement.
• Provide a universal rebate equal to the sales tax paid on essential goods and services to ensure that no American pays taxes on necessities. Important! The Rebate is based only on family size (not on Income).
All Americans will receive the Rebate, in advance, monthly! Click REBATE! to see the Chart for 2003. All Seniors, including those on Social Security, will be pleased to note that they will receive the Rebate, too.
• Apply a 23% tax-inclusive rate sales tax on the purchase of New Goods and services in the U.S. Note: Used Goods and Education costs (ex: College Tuition) are not subject to the FairTax.
• Make American products more competitive at home and overseas. Encourage job-creation in America. Help reduce America's Trade Deficit.
• Stimulate economic growth in the U.S. by a far greater amount than the government's "tax-cuts" and "stimulus package" will ever do... and enable the economy to continue to grow year-after-year.

See Minnesotans for the Fair Tax for more information.


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