Thursday, November 18, 2004

Wile E

Finally, now that the election is over, we are able to discuss the deeper subjects that make our world a little better.

From Lileks:

Who is the Road Runner, anyway? An idiot bird blessed with speed, he personifies not ingenuity but luck. You can’t tell me that he somehow figured out how to avoid triggering the Coyote’s various traps. If anything, he didn’t set them off because he was light and / or fast, and I concede that the Coyote should have taken those things into consideration. But. But. We’re talking about a dog here, a canine capable of constructing explosive devices one day, pantomiming elaborate deceptions the next, to say nothing of operating – however inexpertly – complex machinery. If he’d been up against something stupid and slow, he would have been fat and happy.

Okay, well, something stupid and slow not watched over by a sheepdog.

I have always been of the mind that Wile E Coyote cartoons were good 15 minute physics lessons. Educational, if you will.
Everyone has had that moment in life when they realize they have just experienced "Wile E Coyote Physics". You should have fallen down the stairs, but for some reason the stairs themselves fell, leaving you hanging in midair, etc.

I bet you could even find at least one large institution of higher learning with a class titled "Wile E Coyote Physics 101".

Make them required veiwing at the 4th grade level!


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